Introducing the Milano Pet Week

As Italy’s most pet-friendly metropolis, the city of Milan intends to promote an increasingly inclusive approach to cohabitation between man and animal in the urban fabric. To achieve this aim, it will organise a series of collateral events and initiatives all over the city that will breathe life into a sustainable Pet Week, to be held from 28 September to 5 October 2019.

This means that a whole host of experiments will be presented, based on various degrees of social awareness-raising that also pave the way for creating synergies and opportunities to pool experiences – especially of the emotional kind – in a variety of collateral events and initiatives disseminated all over the city.

The Milano Pet Week promises to be a chance to show evidence of mankind’s love for our domestic animals, celebrating it and expressing all the city’s potential for hospitality in this rapidly-expanding field: the aim is to create models and examples that can be adopted throughout the year.

On Friday 4 October 2019, the day when the fair is to be inaugurated, the Milano Pet Week will include the World Animal Day and all the events connected to it in the city: an important opportunity to raise public awareness even more about how mankind cohabits with the animal kingdom, so as to achieve greater respect, a better natural balance and an even greater focus on the week of activities related to PETS IN THE CITY.

In a broader sense, PETS IN THE CITY will come together symbolically with the World Animal Day for the purpose of improving the standard of animal well-being and creating the right conditions for them to be considered to be sentient beings throughout the world and improving their quality of life.

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